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Frequently Asked Questions


Q:  Can I sort the participants screen?

A: Yes, any column in the participants’ grid can be sorted by clicking on the column header you wish to sort.


Q:  How do I get out of “Demo Mode”?

A: Once you obtain your keycode from www.thevictorytimer.com.  Open The Victory Timer program and click “keycode” on the main screen.  Then, type the keycode in the boxes and click the “save” button.


Q:  Can I change the age groupings?

A: Yes, click on the Options screen and ensure the Age Groups category is checked under the Categories/Awards section.  With Age Groups checked, the Age Groups can be set to 5-year or 10-year spans. 

If the 10-year span is selected then the minimum age must remain “9 and under” but the maximum age can be set to “60 and over” or “70 and over”. 

If the 5-year span is selected then the minimum age can be set to “9 and under” or “14 and under” and/or the maximum age can be set to “60 and over”, “65 and over” or “70 and over”.

Age groups are set to USATF standards. For more information regarding age groups visit: http://www.runnersworld.com/article/1,7120,s6-239-422--12652-0,00.html


Q:  Does the Victory Timer allow for online registration?

A: In order to be cost effective we do not offer this currently, however we can post copies of your race forms to our website and you can direct your participants to www.thevictorytimer.com  and they can send them into you manually.


Q:  What if my laptop goes to sleep/hibernate mode during the race or my battery goes dead?

A: Ensure you turn off all power saving modes prior to the start of your race and that you have a fully charged battery or are plugged into a power source. 

Also ensure that there is nothing scheduled to run on your computer during the time your race will be ran.  This will ensure that nothing interferes with the timer. 

It is also good practice to have the timer running simultaneously on two computers to ensure against hardware failure or human error.


Q:  How do I change the name of my race?

A: Rename a race by editing the name at the top of the Options screen and then click the save button.


Q:  Can I export participant information from the registration page?

A: YES! Open the Registration page and simply click on any participant in the registration grid and hit <CTRL X> (Control X)  and it will export all the information to Excel.


Q:  Can I run The Victory Timer on my smart phone?

A: The Victory Timer is a Visual Basic application with a Microsoft Access backend.  It requires Windows 98 or newer to run.  It can be installed on any device capable of running that type of application.


Q:  How do I copy my race to another computer?

A: To copy a race to another computer, click the “File” on the main screen then “backup”.  Select the destination and the name you would like to copy the race to.  The destination should be some type of removable media (such as a flash drive) that you can put into the computer you wish to copy it to. The name can be the same as your race name. 

Next, copy that file onto the other computer.  On that computer, run The Victory Timer and click the “File” on the main screen and then “open” and select the file that you just copied.


Q:  Is there an easy way to switch between male and female and put a checkmark in the boxes while entering my participants?

A: YES! Simply use the arrow keys to switch between male and female. You can hit the space bar to place a checkmark in the "Clydesdale/Athena" or "Paid" box.

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